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Dartmouth's Premiere Furniture Rental Service Since 2012

Dart Dorm is Dartmouth's premiere dorm furnishing rental service. We make moving in and out 100% hassle-free and environmentally-friendly, while also making dorms and off-campus apartments more comfortable. We rent memory foam full XL beds and futons with delivery, set-up, and pick-up included.

Dart Dorm. It's Home, Delivered.

How It Works



Order online using Shopify Secure Checkout, and we’ll be in touch to find a time before the term starts that works best with your schedule



We set up a delivery time, bring the furniture to your room, and set everything up for you to make moving in hassle-free



At the end of the term we come back and pick up your furniture. Easy. Questions? Check out our FAQs

The Dart Dorm Full XL Bed

Our premium memory foam mattress is designed with all types of sleepers in mind. Whether you're a side sleeping pillow hugger, face down starfish, or on your back mummy, this mattress is built for you. The combination of 3 high-performance foam layers deliver cooling bounce, contouring pressure relief, and core support for a great night's sleep.

Worried about losing underbed storage? We built a proprietary bed frame that attaches to the college frame to convert a twin XL into a full XL. This means an even bigger bed and even more underbed storage.


  • Designed and manufactured in the USA
  • Cotton-blend pin-dot cover
  • On campus: our proprietary bed frame that converts the Twin XL into a Full XL
    • That means you get to keep your underbed storage!
  • Off campus: a foldable and lightweight metal frame and box spring
  • 10" 3-layer foam design
    • 2" Avena foam to provide bounce and keep you cool
    • 2" Memory foam to relieve pressure
    • 6" Support foam to make sure it lasts
    • All foam is CertiPUR-US certified (no harmful chemicals)


  • Width (side to side): 54"
  • Length (head to toe): 80"

Twin XL Gel Memory Foam Topper

Sold at cost!

Twin XL Memory Foam Mattress

Designed for freshmen!

The Dart Dorm Futon

Our Flagship Product!

Try it risk-free for thirty days.

If you don't love your bed anytime within thirty days of receiving it, just let us know. We will come pick it up, and give you a full refund. No questions asked.

What it costs to own a bed at school:



Bed Frame


Set Up



Renting From Dart Dorm

Dart Dorm mattress by Roomie

Included with the mattress

We handle all moving & storage

White Glove service

Term to term flexibility

415 / year

Doing it yourself

Our mattress retail: $999.99 (with shipping and tax)

Our bed frame retail: $119

Cost of storage: $73 (mattress) + $53 (frame) +
$30 (pickup/delivery) + $10 (mattress bag) x 3* summers

Hassle of doing it all separately

Financial commitment to mattress and storage each year

$1,400 + Hassle + Financial Commitment

Sustainability & Quality

Due to the lack of recycling options and a resale market, most college students end up throwing out their used mattresses and foam toppers. These products are made from non-biodegradable synthetic foam and fibers, and contain hazardous chemicals that can leach into drinking water. Furthermore, since they don't compact well, they take up a lot of space, further compounding the growing space crisis in landfills. Do yourself and the environment a favor and rent a bed today!


Have more questions?
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We deliver prior to the start of the academic term (i.e. before the first week of classes).

No. It is against school policy to remove any furniture. Our bed frame actually converts your twin XL frame into a full XL frame. You still need to store the twin XL mattress, but you still get to keep the vast majority of underbed storage!

No problem! In addition to dorms, we deliver to off-campus houses, apartments, and Greek houses.

If we deem the issue to be outside of normal wear and tear, we will ask you to replace the part that was broken at cost.

We offer a no questions asked return policy up to a month after renting. Just let us know you don't want it anymore and we will give you a full refund.

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About Dart Dorm

Dart Dorm is made up of Alain Carles, Alex Burke, Billy McGrath, Brandon Teixeira, Dean Anderson, Jeffrey Li, Leyton Johnston, Oliver von Trapp, Tyler Bowen, Yifei Yan. Eleven Dartmouth students, just like you. And just like you, we know that our dorm rooms are our homes away from home. After our freshman fall was filled with uncomfortable school chairs, overpriced and uncomfortable k-mart futons, and narrow college beds, we decided to do something about it. Dart Dorm is that something. Dart Dorm offers the solution to a cold, uncomfortable room with cozy futons and confortable full sized beds. They're the perfect addition to any room!

Dart Dorm - It's home, delivered.